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  • Whiplash Injury and the Importance of Chiropractic Care
    Whiplash Injury and the Importance of Chiropractic CareDefinition•  A strain or sprain of soft tissue structures of the cervical spine•  A whiplash injury may be complicated by fractures and/or dislocationsPain  Read more
  • Auto Accidents and Insurance Companies
    Automobile Accidents and Insurance CompaniesAfter an automobile accident, it is very important to find out if you are eligible to file a claim with your car insurance company.  If you Read more
  • Pain Rehabilitation
    Pain RehabilitationWhiplash – It is one of the most common injuries sustained in an automobile accident. It may occur when your car receives the impact of an accident and causes Read more
  • Personal Injury Cases
    What is a Personal Injury Case?A personal injury case is a situation in which a person has been harmed or injured in some way, such as an automobile accident, suffers Read more
  • Driving and Texting
    Driving and TextingDo you know how many people drive and text at the same time? Statistics show the dangers of cell phone use while driving are unbelievably high.  Approximately 660,000 drivers Read more
  • Distracted Driving
    What is Distracted Driving? Visual: Taking a driver’s eyes off the road. Manual: Taking a driver’s hands off the steering wheel. Cognitive: Taking a driver’s focus away from safe Read more
  • Whiplash? What you need to know.
    What is a whiplash and how does it happen?  A whiplash is a sudden back and forth movement of the cervical spine. Most whiplashes occur during a car accident, usually a Read more
  • Chiropractic Care and Automobile Accident Injuries
    If you have a car and drive, its is safe to say that you most likely have experienced an automobile accident and have gotten injured. The symptoms that arise from Read more
  • Three Types of Chiropractic Care!
    There are three types of Chiropractic care. It's up to a patient to make the decision about how they would like to receive chiropractic treatments. 1. Initial Intensive Care:  If pain or some Read more
  • Treating Car Accident Injuries
    Chiropractic Care for Treating Car Accident Injuries When someone has been in an automobile accident, their lifestyle and health may be affected in various ways.  Getting the help and Read more
  • A Personal Injury Case
    What is a Personal Injury Case? A personal injury case is a situation in which a person has been harmed or injured in some way, an automobile accident, a fall at Read more
  • Can A Chiropractor Benefit Your Health?
    Can A Chiropractor Benefit Your Health? Many patients who are treated by a chiropractor complain about neck, shoulder and back pain as well as headaches.  Holistic therapy for manual Read more
  • Types of Insurance
    Types of Automobile Insurance Liability Insurance does not cover expenses for damage to an individual’s property, or injuries to the person involved in an automobile accident nor does it Read more
  • Insurance Tidbits
    Car Insurance Tidbits Did you know there are approximately six (6) different types of car insurance?  Most people do not take the time to investigate the various types of Read more