Three Types of Chiropractic Care!

There are three types of Chiropractic care. It’s up to a patient to make the decision about how they would like to receive chiropractic treatments.

1. Initial Intensive Care: If pain or some type of symptom has caused a person to seek chiropractic care, usually the most important thing at first is to get ride of the suffering, pain, or symptoms. To start, a patient should visit the chiropractic office at least 2-3 times a week for chiropractic adjustments; however, in most cases there may be other treatments as well. Usually a patient feels some relief at the end of this phase of care.

2. Corrective Care: Muscles and other soft tissues may not have healed completely at this stage, but the original pain and symptoms may have made some improvement. Corrective care stabilizes the spine and prompts more healing. Patients usually feel much better at this stage of care.

3. Elective or Wellness Care: At this stage, maximum improvement has been accomplished; however, periodic follow-up visits to the chiropractic office is recommended. At this stage, visits to the office can correct any new problems of complaints. Patients can enjoy optimal health at this point. Of course, regular visits to a chiropractic office can help the body to maintain optimum health and prevent further complications.

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